Shmodka is a unique Russian vodka cooler drink that glows when shaken. Each of it’s 6 flavors glows a different hue. Shmodka’s target audience is young adults, nightclub goers, and anyone looking for a good time.

Shmodka’s look was modeled after the Russian Constructivism movement of the 1920’s. While keeping elements of the beverage’s Russian heritage, the brand has been transformed into a more contemporary rendering to represent a more attractive and current product.
The custom typeface created for Shmodka is used for the logo, bottle labels, and as a headline typeface on all promotional materials.

Shmodka’s marketing and promotional materials take on the look of the photomontage, a cut-and-paste style of collage associated with the Russian Constructivism movement. This is evident in the brand’s mascot, a Shmodka bottle wearing an ushanka, a Russian fur cap with ear flaps. The mascot is used in a more playful aspect of the brand.