Soul Cymatic
Soul Cymatic is a duo of music producers and live DJs based out of Springfield, Missouri. They were looking for a logo to portray who they are with a clean, modern feel. They wanted to focus on cymatics, which is the study of visible sound click here for explanations and demonstrations). The logo that was created can be used as either a wordmark or as a symbol, depending on application.

Midwest Vein Center
Midwest Vein Center is a medical provider of vein therapy in the St. Louis area. Their main objective was to portray the benefits of vein therapy in appearance and overall health.

Linda Sherwin Astrology
Linda has studied astrology for 40 years, and has a master’s degree in professional counseling from Lindenwood University. She can provides phone consultations and in-person consultations at Mystic Valley in St. Louis, Missouri. Linda brings a practical, therapeutic approach, always seeking metaphysical tools to make life better. In person, she both teaches astrology and gives consultations. Linda wanted a positive symbol to capture the life enriching aspects that she brings to her consultations and classes. The image of the sunflower was one that we both felt was appropriate, symbolizing the sun as well as personal growth. The center of the sunflower is a blank astrological chart, used often in her classes and consultations and by astrologers worldwide.